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Publié le 18 september 2018

NL Auctions Already Has Close to 100 Users

If you liked the flea market at the NAPA XPO Sale, discover the silent auction platform NL Auctions here: In operation for over a month now, NL Auctions already has close to 100 users and many items have already been sold in

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Publié le 12 september 2018

Castrol Draws a Winner at the NAPA XPO Sale

At the NAPA XPO Sale 2018 on Thursday September 6 at 9 PM, Castrol representatives held a draw for a prize among the buyers of a 205-litre barrel of Castrol EDGE FFT, EDGE EP and EDGE C3. The $1,500 prize can be used to purchase a Sépaq package. The lucky

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Publié le 5 september 2018

The NAPA XPO Sale 2018 Tour

To promote the NAPA XPO Sale 2018, a tour was organized using a dedicated vehicle to inform stores and installers of the importance of the event and the benefits of attending. The XPO Flyer was also distributed during the tour.

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Publié le 4 september 2018

Bidding Has Started on the First Official Week for

“The bids started quickly, in fact, we haven’t even done any advertising and users have already started bidding on items,” explained Gordon Muller, Coordinator of on Tuesday, September 4, a week after the website’s launch, and only days away

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Publié le 22 august 2018

Access Code

Requesting your access allows you to confirm your attendance at the NAPA XPO Sale 2018 event, to log into the electronic order form and place orders online.

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