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This year, the pricing calculation method for your participation at the NAPA XPO Sale has been revised. The main objective of this change is to ensure a cost sharing structure that is fair for all the different suppliers present, depending on the space occupied by each one at the NAPA XPO Sale.

Space Rental


Person in charge of the booth who will be present at the NAPA XPO Sale 2019

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Booth detail

Size in Square Feet VIP Deluxe Standard
100 $ 3,800 -Sold out $ 3,650 -Sold out $ 3,500
200 $ 5,600 -Sold out $ 5,300 -Sold out $ 5,000
300 $ 7,400 -Sold out $ 6,950 -Sold out $ 6,500
400 $ 9,200 -Sold out $ 8,600 -Sold out $ 8,000
500 $ 11,000 -Sold out $ 10,250 -Sold out $ 9,500
600 $ 12,300 -Sold out $ 11,400 -Sold out $ 10,500
700 $ 13,600 -Sold out $ 12,550 -Sold out $ 11,500
800 - - $ 12,500
900 - - $ 13,500
1000 - - $ 14,500

A limited number of VIP and Deluxe booths are available. Rates for these booths are higher due to placement in higher traffic areas.

If the booth is more than 200 ft2, a plan is mandatory

VIP and DELUXE booth: A team member will contact you soon to discuss the details.

Complete the fields below for each supplier added to your booth area.

Your Specials Prices

To ensure the NAPA XPO Sale 2019 event is well organized, it is essential to provide us with your Specials Prices before June 15, 2019 in order to produce the Electronic Order Form. These prices will be in effect from August 15 to September 15, 2019. Remember to provide a price for the NAPA Distribution Centres in Montreal and Québec City, as well as Store Prices and Installer Prices, which will appear on the Electronic Order Form.

Here is the simplified template for all suppliers:

  • DO NOT add a column
  • DO NOT remove a column
  • DO NOT insert an image
  • Insert only the data of the 10 columns requested
  • The columns (5) with colour backgrounds are obligatory
  • Special promotions, such as ‘Buy XYZ and receive a gift...’ will be treated separately

For more information, please contact David Patenaude at 514-252-1127 or by email at:

* Your discounts will be applied when the NAPA XPO Sale purchase orders are counted in the NAPA system.

For all details on the promotion, click here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Take the opportunity to highlight your business and promote your products and services!

Would you like to purchase a sponsorship to increase your visibility?

PLATINUM – $ 6,000

(Available 6 times only)

GOLD – $ 4,000

(Available 6 times only)

2020 Trends Workshop – $ 2,500

Identification Badges – SOLD

Food Zone – SOLD

Would you like to purchase an extra option to increase your visibility?

15 minutes presentation in the 2020 Trends Workshop – $ 500

Logo, booth number and special offer displayed on the giant screens, 5 times a day, for both days – $ 250

Live presentation of your choice, projected on the giant screens, duration of 5 minutes – $ 350

¼ page in the XPO promotional flyer – $ 500

An article in the XPO Newsletter – $ 1,000

A mention in the XPO Newsletter – $ 150

NAPA Discount Tool Box 2019-2020

This offer will be available exclusively at the NAPA XPO Sale 2019 on September 4 and 5. The 2019 Committee will sell a booklet containing discounts offered by Authorized NAPA Suppliers with a cost sharing formula: 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. This sharing will be split between the Distribution Centre, the Store and the Supplier. The cost of the booklet will be determined soon and will vary between $ 100 and $ 300 each.

We need you to be proactive by clearly naming your promotion (discount) applicable on purchases of the product(s) you have selected using the discount coupon.

The valid dates of your discount are from September 6, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

As an example, you offer 6 coupons with a 5% discount on a specific line of brake pads, at the time of purchase the Store will credit an amount equivalent to 5% of the value of the product and divide the costs between the Distribution Centre and the Supplier for each coupon used.

Important Additional Information

A standard electrical outlet will be provided for each booth of 100 sq. ft. Each additional 200 sq. ft. will be equipped with an additional electrical outlet at no charge.(Example: 100 sq. ft. and 200 sq. ft. = 1 outlet, 300 sq. ft. and 400 sq. ft. = 2 outlets, etc.)

For any additional electricity, compressed air, water connection, hanging or cleaning, please place your order directly with the Palais des congrès de Montréal here

A team member will contact you to give you a precise arrival time for your vehicle at the Palais des congrès. Please respect this schedule to ensure the proper operation of the room set-up.

Please specify the estimated quantity of pallets for this material.

We offer free a Wi-Fi Internet connection in order to access the Electronic Order Form. However, this connection has limited reliability given the large number of users expected.

If you want private access to the Wi-Fi network, a connection is available from the Palais des congrès at a preferential rate of $ 80 for the 2 days of the event. This will ensure a fast and efficient connection throughout the event. Available for one device at a time.

A team member will contact you to assign you a unique access code for the Wi-Fi network.

A team member will contact you to discuss your animation.