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Don't Miss the Event!

Save these dates and don’t miss this year’s event at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on September 5 and 6, 2018.
Here are the details:
Wednesday, September 5
12 PM (noon): Media Reception
1 PM to 10 PM: NAPA XPO Sale 2018
Thursday, September 6
1 PM to 9 PM: NAPA XPO Sale 2018

Click here to watch the promotional video for the NAPA XPO Sale 2018!
See you there!

Exhibitor Manual

The Exhibitor Manual will be your bible when the event starts, you can refer to it for all questions about the NAPA XPO Sale 2018.

Open Exhibitor Manual


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Sponsorship Opportunities 2018

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your company and promote your products and services with a sponsorship, please indicate your choice when registering by completing the form!

Main Collaborator
Main collaborators of the NAPA XPO Sale 2018 get visibility on all publicity platforms:

  • Website
  • Signage
  • Special upcoming events
  • Promotional flyer

Your logo will be presented as an official collaborator on all visuals and a mention will be made in association with the XPO Sale: “The NAPA XPO Sale 2018 and Its Collaborators.”

$ 5,000

Presenter Zone Restaurant / Bar
A designated area where chips and snacks will be offered, and where drinks can be purchased, all in a pleasant musical atmosphere.

A relaxing place where people can gather, which can have a specific theme chosen by the presenter. This is the perfect place to promote your product or offer in a relaxed atmosphere.

$ 2.500

NAPA Tour ​
4 targeted regions will host an event reserved for Stores in the spring (formula to be defined).

Mention of the partnership in the promotional video made of the tour.

This is a perfect opportunity for a supplier to “test” a new piece of equipment or a product for potential customers.

$ 2,500

Identification Badges​
The sponsor will receive a high level of direct visibility. The 3,000 Identification Badges offer guaranteed and frequent visibility because visitors often look at them. NAPA Stores distribute them to participating installers.

$ 2,500 

Cords for Identification Badges​
3,000 cords will be in circulation.

This sponsorship is popular because of the lifespan of the visual. The cord is often kept by users and becomes a profitable giveaway item.

Delivered to NAPA Stores with the Identification Badge, they are then distributed to participating Installers.

$ 2,500
Visibility at Entrance​
With this sponsorship, you get to have everything the way you want it! You become the presenter of the animation in the entrance hall. This sponsorship integrates your participation in the animation; it is not an installed booth. Ideal for reinforcing the promotional message offered at your booth, and as a reminder at the very end of the visit.

The NAPA XPO Sale Committee remains responsible for the animation, but we will make sure to present your company image in the best way possible.

$ 2,500

Welcome Video​
Exclusive Web visibility with this sponsorship of a 60-second welcome video, which will be released on September 1, the start date for the specials at the NAPA XPO Sale 2018. The promotion of your product must be your main message.

New this year: the video will be included in the September edition of the NAPA XPO Sale newsletter.

If you are interested in social media as a communication channel, this sponsorship is for you!

$ 2,500
Monthly XPO Newsletter​
The front page of the newsletter of the month of your choice, seen by the 3,000 members who subscribe to the email newsletter (months available: July, August, September); first come, first served.
$ 1,500

“Pimp My Ride” Project​
You can participate in this sponsorship by providing your contribution in products or services directly on the vehicle that will be modified.

Your collaboration will be mentioned in the video presenting the “pimped” vehicle, and your logo will be placed on the vehicle.

$ 1,000
¼ Page in Promotional Flyer at Entrance​
Advertise your NAPA XPO Sale promotion or a personalized message to visitors. 5,000 flyers will be printed and distributed on site!
$ 500


Exhibition Hall Plan - Coming Soon!

The hall plan outline will allow you to visualize the different sections of the event, depending on the products and services you offer.


Check back to this section regularly leading up to the NAPA XPO Sale 2018 to view new documents that will be posted!